Fast Mirror @ Multimedia Repository

GStreamer LogoThanks to Joakim in Norway there is now a mirror of the repository setup at This should overcome the issues with bandwidth most experience trying to install packages from my server (my speed is only 384kb/s).

You can add the mirror (and the original package server) by following the process below.

  1. Run "pkg set-publisher -O" to add the original repository.
  2. Run "pkg set-publisher -m" to add the mirror.
  3. Run "pkg refresh --full" to update catalog.

Now, hopefully, when you install packages they'll come from the mirror. I'm not certain how the mirrors are selected/prioritized. If you find the packages are still coming from the original server you could remove the original repository completely and only have the mirror. For example.

  1. Run "pkg unset-publisher" to remove the repository.
  2. Run "pkg set-publisher -O" to add the "mirror" as the only source.
  3. Run "pkg refresh --full" to update catalog.

Let me know how everything goes.

Murray B


Would you consider building the applications under OpenIndiana. The Mplayer application has an OpenSolaris dependancy which means you need to either downgrade to the last release of OpenSolaris or upgrade to b152 which is not accessible outside Oracle.

It would be great if you could build a modern version of VLC for OpenIndiana.


Would you consider building these modules for inclusion into the OpenIndiana default repository?

Mirror is down?

Is the mirror still active? I can't add it as a main source.

bpSpb@neuromancer:~$ pfexec pkg set-publisher -O
pkg: The origin URIs for '' do not appear to point to a valid pkg server.
Please check the server's address and client's network configuration.
Additional details:
Unable to contact valid package server:
Encountered the following error(s):
Transport errors encountered when trying to contact depot server.
Reported the following errors:
Framework error: code: 7 reason: Failed connect to; Connection refused
URL: ''. (happened 4 times)

RE : Mirror is down?

Should be back up again now. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

RE: Mirror is down?

It looks like it :-(

Thanks for the notification, appreciated. I'll follow up and see what the problem is.