GStreamer FFmpeg Plugin for Solaris 11

GStreamer LogoThe GStreamer FFmpeg Plugin is now available from my package repository for Solaris 11. This plugin can be used to play and encode a considerable number of media files. About 380 elements are delivered with this plugin.

GStreamer FFmpeg Plugin Screenshot

Music : Night Fly (Nameless Dancers) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

If you've already added my repository to your Solaris 11 installation the following command will install the plugin.

sudo pkg install gst-plugin-ffmpeg

Don't forget to setup your environment variables. See the introduction for more information. You will need to logout and then login to initialise the environment so the new plugin can be found.

Together with the other GStreamer Plugins I've made available, and a few others being published soon, I'm yet to encounter a file that I can't play with Totem Movie Player.